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Pygora Ram


Raised Mainly For Fiber Production.

Pygora Ewes


Production of Milk: up to 1 liter a day.

Babies.... So CUTE!!!


Not just for fiber production but amazing 4-H project animals. 

Pygoras / Angoras

Additional Information

Pygoras goats are a beautiful breed of goat developed by crossing registered Pygmy goat and a white Angora goat. They were developed in the USA and even down to the state of Oregon by breeder. The Pygora is mainly raised for fiber production and was a result of a purposeful cross which developed a small goat that produce the finest fiber for hand spinning and also produce three distinctive types of fleece. Pygoras come in a variety of colors, varying from white, red, brown, black, gray and even a mix of those colors.

Although mainly raised for fiber productions, they can also be used as a dairy animal producing one liter of milk a day per doe and as pets and 4-H projects. 

Some Pygoras are also shown in and Oregon Flock and Fibre Festival, which is the only show outside Fair / 4-H.