Jacob Sheep / Four Horned Sheep acres

Jacobs Sheep distinct colors and markings


One of the two main characteristics of Jacob sheep is piebald (dark color areas in the white)

Even Ewes


Ewes like the rams have hons too, just daintier. 

We all get along


My buddies the alpacas!!

Jacob Sheep aka: four horned sheep

Additional Information

The Jacob Sheep have two main characteristics, one is piebald coloring (dark colored areas of white wool) and the second being multi horned. Most commonly has four horns (also known as four horned sheep) which is there most distinctive characteristic. They are also known to have as many as six horns as well. Both sexes have horns but rams typically have double curled horns. With the ewes horns more delicate in appearance. A polled Jacob sheep is not recognized as it usually indicates past cross breeding. There is no such thing as a polled Jacob sheep.

For centuries Jacob sheep were kept as ornamental sheep on large estates and ranches and also known as park sheep. More modernly, Jacobs sheep were reared for their wool, meat and skin. Not at our farm, we use them for production of wool and babies to sale.