Icelandic Sheep Paddock


Hardy ewes

Have been known to have as many as sextuplets!


Two Coat Wonders

Icelandic Sheep are unique makers of LOPI wool!


High Milk Producers

Icelandic ewes are known to produce up to 3 liters of milk a day, see below.

Icelandic Sheep

Additional Information

Icelandic is a breed of domestic, midsized sheep which exhibit a fluke shaped natural tail. Their fleece is dual coated with wide variety of colors. The breed can naturally give birth to triplets to sextuplets on occasions. Icelandic sheep were breed for their fleece and for also milk production, producing one to three liters of milk a day that is used for making soft cheeses, sweet butter and naturally sweet yogurts and lastly also breed for meat sheep.

Icelandic sheep are dual coated sheep, with a long outer coat (tog) and a fine inner coat (pel) which made them highly used for there fibers. When the two coats are separated, the outer and inner coats are used for different woolen products. But when the two layers are produced together it produces a distinctive knitting wool called LOPI. furthermore lopi is only made from Icelandic sheep which makes them one of a kind.