Babydoll barn

Hardy Sheep


With Charm and Small Stature

Sweet teddy bear smile


Very easy to handle, babydolls make great pets and 4-H projects with limited space!

Fiber production


In textile terms, the fleece is very similar to cashmere.

Babydoll Sheep

Additional Information

People often choose to keep Babydoll sheep because of their gentle, yet distinctive traits. With their sweet teddy bear, smiling faces and wooly charm with small stature Babydoll sheep are easy keepers with some of the finest fleece. 

The Babydoll are an ancient breed of sheep which originated in South "Downs" Of Sussex County, England, being brought to the US around 1803. 

Babydoll Sheep are mostly white but can also be black in color. Their fleece in textile terms is very much similar to that of cashmere and can be worn next to the skin without irritation and itchy feeling leaving it feeling most comfortable. 

Babydoll sheep are small in stature and being born naturally polled (hornless) makes them very easy to handle and popular among the 4-H community. 

They are also popular among the organic farmers as organic weeders and are often used in vineyard and orchards due to they don't hurt the fruit, tree trunks and shrubs and they fertilize the soil during grazing.  Also used in the Mid Eastern and Eastern US as companion pets.

One last special feature of the Babydoll sheep is they are natural flockers. Their flocking instinct leaves them sticking together and returning to barns and paddocks at nightfall.