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Scott Fiber Farm

Small family owned and operated:

Scott Fiber Farm is a small family owned and operated that was established over 70 years ago. The first operations included growing alfalfa, grains and even had a dairy on site and standard sheep as some of the farm stock. In 2015 the tables were turned sense the old farm ways had been halted and interests were changed, which at that time Pygoras / Angoras and Baby Doll Sheep were introduced to the farm and later added Icelandic Sheep, Jacob Sheep and Shetland Sheep. 

Sense then,  horizons have been even more expanded with Llamas, Alpacas, Mini Horses and Donkeys and a steer that were added to the farm herds. 

Also even more recently we have added Chickens, Ducks and cant forget the Canadian Goose that has taken residency upon the farm and believes it to be his home and family.